Becoming Young draws you in with his latest single ‘Temptation’

Nashville Tennessee’s Becoming Young returns with his latest sexy, slow-pop single, ‘Temptation’ that’ll leave you wanting.

Lasting only 2 minutes and 30 seconds, Brandon Calano’s song is a wonderfully short-lived joy that draws you in, holds you close and then rips you away making the song’s title even more fitting.


Becoming Young on the meaning behind his single ‘Temptation’

“Temptation” highlights how confusing attraction and emotions can be. Sometimes you’re with someone, yet you know it’s not going to work out. But the attraction/connection is so intense that you can’t stop. The song dances around that feeling. The vibe is characterized in these lyrics: “We’re too old to say that this is just lust, but too young to know if you’re the one… Girl, what are we doing?”

Temptation’ begins with Calano’s deep, mysterious vocals creeping across the slow, bass-led beat. The sultry, gradual build-up of the instrumentation mirrors the sensual nature of the song, giving the track an uber smooth and sexy feel leading up to the explosive, drum and synth filled climax of a chorus.

Often compared to artists such as Ed Sheeran and Jeremy Zucker, Becoming Young routinely writes music about the complexities and confusion of love and life in the modern age. By using fun, pop-charged instrumentals and honest emotionally tinged lyricism, Becoming Young’s music is always relatable and distinctly his own.

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