South London soul-pop duo Bad Honey release dreamy new single ‘Circles’.

Sticky sweet, female duo Bad Honey have released their 2nd single of the year, a jazzy little soul infused, pop number – ‘Circles’. Having already released their first single of the new decade ‘Easily’ last month, this newest slice of ear candy oozes a subtle yet capable confidence and is voiced with velvety smooth, celestially pure vocals.

Lydia Clowes and Teresa Origone make up the badass Bad Honey pair and the sound they have created together is both urban, delicate and wistful, containing sophisticated synth-scapes, bouncing beats and lyricism that exudes eloquence, leading to a unique blend of alternative soul and lo-fi electronics.

Channeling everything well loved about the thick, glowingly golden succulent syrup, Bad Honey’s ‘Circles’ will have you coming back again and again for another luscious taste.

“being in a relationship where both people are fighting their own battles, and finding strength in supporting each other. It’s a positive way of saying ‘I’ve got you and you’ve got me’, and not allowing things to go round in a vicious circle where problems are ignored and the situation gets worse. We wanted to create some cyclic motion within the music as well, so we did this via the looping arpeggiated synth in the verses, and the layered backing vocal lines in the choruses which create a canon-like effect.” – Bad Honey.


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