Lukewarmdaily96 unveils debut EP ‘Cluck’

Following on from his debut single ‘Peaching’, Lukewarmdaily96 has now revealed his gorgeous debut EP ‘Cluck’ drenched with his own unique and personal brand of lo-fi, this EP is a bedroom-built wonder, encased in alternative bliss. Born and bred in the emerald isle, Lukewarmdaily96 incorporates the glorious sounds of electric and jangly guitar alongside his effortless storytelling and delicate melodies.

Poison Apple was the last song I wrote for the EP, and it’s one of my favourites. It’s about recklessness. I’ve definitely been a reckless person and it’s probably the loudest part of my personality, so it’s fitting that it would be the loudest song on the EP.“

Speaking to the EP, Lukewarmdaily96 explains –The songs on ‘Cluck’ are like different states of my personality. It’s a very honest collection of songs and it has sharp edges. I could round those edges off but then it wouldn’t be me.”

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