Charlie Noiir unveils the long-awaited new music video for, ‘REASONS’ featuring production from Tribe Alexander

Toronto Rap royalty Charlie Noiir unveils the long-awaited new single and music video for, ‘REASONS’ featuring production from friend and fellow Canadian, Tribe Alexander. Fresh off the press, ‘REASONS’ comes just weeks after STAYOUTLATE’s debut album drop, of which Charlie Noiir is also a member. Bursting with creativity and drive, Charlie hopes to make a lasting impression on his ever-growing fanbase with this fiery new addition to his hip-hop discography. 

Bringing a refreshing new outlook to the table, Charlie Noiir drops his most unadulterated, unfiltered and raw performance to date, as he graciously provides the soundtrack to all your impending summer f•ckery over a face-screwing bassline and a heart-pounding trap beat.  Aggressive and to-the-point, ‘REASONS’ is all about being a man of principle and sticking by your guns, something which Charlie sees a lack of in the world, especially within the music industry. Hoping to change that fact, Noiir offers out ‘REASONS’ as a call to arms to all those who want to be the change they wish to see in the world. 

Speaking on the message behind the single, Charlie Noiir explains: 

“If I had to describe the record I would say it’s a call to arms. How I was raised, we were taught to value a code. Everybody out to have that principle they stand on, that hill they are willing to die on. That shit should be a moral compass… If you’re built solid. I felt a lot of that was lacking in today’s world and in music in particular. Not being preachy but this was my way of addressing that. Chest out and bold. But I also wanted it to be fun, cause it’s summer and the world needs that side of things too. This music is therapy for me but along the way I found out how to get shit off my chest but do it with extraordinary songwriting. I take pride in that… If anything I hope the record gives people confidence, hell even a slight arrogance like yeah this is me, I ain’t backing down, I’m coming for mine. Everyone gotta have that energy and attack each day with it but also have fun cause life is short and we back outside…”

Principled, hard-edged and ballsy, Charlie Noiir gives his all on ‘REASONS’ creating a track and accompanying music video that perfectly captures his essence as an artist and a human being. From the Japanese, anime-inspired video editing and art direction (Jei Parks) to the black-owned designers who made his clothes for the visuals, ‘REASONS’ is a true embodiment of all that is Charlie Noiir. 

Listen to Charlie Noiir – ‘REASONS


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