INTRODUCING: Toronto’s rap prodigy, Tara Lord & her incredible new single, ‘Praying’

Today, Toronto rap prodigy Tara Lord unveils the brand new music video for her latest studio hit, ‘Praying’. Introduced to the hip-hop scene by her father, legendary Toronto emcee Top Secret of the Sunshine Sound Crew, it could be said that rapping is in Tara Lord’s blood, and judging by the success of her first two singles, ‘Overthinking‘ and ‘Praying’, Lord may well be on her way to becoming a household name in her beloved city.

Armed with bags of talent, an impressive songwriting ability and an enchanting stage presence, Tara Lord has everything it takes to make it to the top, she’s got big shoes to fill but her growth as an artist since her time as Little T, the child emcee, speaks for itself. In choosing to take on her birth name as her artist name back in 2018, Tara Lord signified to the world that she was all grown up and ready to take charge; ‘Praying’ now stands as a living testament to Tara’s evolution and unquenchable drive. 

“Praying is a very emotional song for me, I expressed what I was feeling in the moment and kinda just let it all out in the booth. I wrote the song while I was having a mental breakdown and put all my frustration into words. A lot of people’s mental health, including mine, has been suffering due to the pandemic and I feel like this song expresses that well.”

Tara Lord.

Bold, inspiring and uplifting, ‘Praying’ is yet another incredible offering from Tara Lord who cleverly and effortlessly manages to translate deeply personal experiences into widely relatable lyrics for her audience. A truly refreshing alternative hip-hop offering, ‘Praying’ encourages us to shed the dead and painful layers of our past in order to move forward with positivity and purpose. In the words of Tara Lord, “we’re only going up, going up, there’s no looking down.”

Listen to Tara Lord – ‘Praying’


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