Indonesian DJ Angger Dimas drops vibrant dance track ‘About You’ feat. Nadia Vega

Hailing on Indonesia, Angger Dimas is the up-and-coming DJ who is fast becoming known for blending new age dance with old school styles. It’s a feeling you can’t escape in his new single ‘About You’ featuring the sensuous vocal of Nadia Vega.

The whole track pulsates with a nostalgic essence derived from classic dance anthems; we’re imagining glow sticks, sunglasses indoor, bucket hats and smiley face t-shirts. However, Dimas is not merely recreating what has come before, the techniques and overall production possesses the slick modernity of the 21st century. Bridging this gap between the old and new, the classic and the innovative, is exactly what makes this young DJ so exciting.

In charge of his own record label, Cosmonote, Angger Dimas is leading the charge in the fresh Indonesian dance scene bringing us fellow label signees Cuurley, Perk Pietrek, and Nahsyk.

“I am super excited to launch my new label with this track I made with the amazing Nadia Vega! I can’t wait to also release all the awesome electronic music coming out of Asia we have coming soon… lots to look forward to!”

Follow Angger Dimas on Instagram.

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