CHATTERBOX: Indie-Pop collective, Moonroof discuss online dating,future ambitions & their newest single, ‘Bored & Numb’

A true force to be reckoned with, Moonroof signed with Free Dive Records in October of 2020. Since their signing, Moonroof have released ‘First’, ‘Vanilla’ and ‘Sweatshirt’, with ‘Bored and Numb’ being their third release in the run up to their EP. Today, the Philadelphia-based band sit down to discuss all things dating and music.

Your newest single ‘Bored & Numb’ just dropped today, how’re you feeling about the initial reactions to the track?

We are honestly thrilled at how many people find it relatable and catchy. It’s very nice for many of the people to share the song on social media. We are just at the beginning of promoting the song, but it’s a good start so far..

We love to find out the origin stories of artists & band names… what was the thought process behind ‘Moonroof’?

We met at Bloomsburg University and we all were friends before becoming bandmates. The Original three members are Me (Dave Kim) the singer, Kevin Randolph ( Bassist) , and Dan Rendine (Drummer). After College,  Moonroof was brought up because Kev brought up the name. We all loved the sound of Moonroof Musik and Moonroof was born.

‘Bored & Numb’ is all about the state of dating in the modern-day & how it often leaves people feeling jaded… do you have any funny or interesting stories from your swipes across the dating apps? 

I personally love dating apps, but sometimes I feel like I’m going through dejavu. I had some people unmatch or call me out cause I am a Gemini. They seemed so happy to talk to me , until the Gemini thing. I personally don’t believe in horoscopes too much haha.

What does the creative process look like for you as a group, do you all chip in ideas when it comes to songwriting & production or does each member have a designated role? 

Kev and I usually do the lyrics together, trying to write them based on my melodies that I make up on the spot. We have a Label Free Dive Records that really helps us add to the production side to the songs. OwnerTy Ripley and partner Vic Sabintino, really help us to make the song whole.

If there was something you could change about the state of modern dating or dating apps, what would it be and why?

Honestly the only thing I would change is getting rid of bots and also making things more clear on what one was looking for. I feel like everyone beats around the bush. I try to be honest all the time, but it’s hard to read someone off a screen.

Moonroof has had an incredible past year, what do you hope to achieve in the next 365 days?

We would love to have more shows and opportunities, We honestly would love to have a manager and a booking agent by next year. Also we wanna release great music of course. Also would love to build our already growing Online presence even more.

What are some tracks that you’re really feeling right now? (None of your own)

A couple of my favourite tracks vary.  I love Nice Now by Point North, Stay by Justin Bieber and Kid Laroi, and Pop Smokes’ new album.

Your EP is set for release later this year, what can fans and listeners expect from this project?

We believe these songs and our Ep will have types of songs that people would love to listen back to. They are different from one another, but capture Moonroof still. We have indie pop, to indie rock. to pop rock, to an all-out autotune song. We are excited to see the people’s reaction to our EP.

Listen to Moonroof – Bored & Numb


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