Purple Pop: Skofee, The Scarlet Opera, joan, Claudia Marie di Giambattista, Conor Maynard, POLAR MIND, Leanna Firestone, B.Miles

In the ancient world, purple was originally the colour reserved for the imperial families of Rome, Persia and Egypt and while it’s no longer elitist, there’s still something special to be had to the red-meets-blue hue. Our Purple Pop selection showcases the most luxurious, beautiful and unmissable pop music finds for our ears to yours.

Skofee is a rising pop artist based in Los Angeles. With candid-yet-affecting lyrics and lush vocal harmonies, her music is just left-of-center while maintaining melodies that satisfy your inner pop demon. You can hear this divine combination in the artist’s newest single ‘I’m Sorry I Killed Your Plant’, a title that perfectly encapsulates the end of a relationship, one that was never in the right conditions for growth and success in the first place, but it took some time to realise that hard truth. In the poignant, alternative break-up anthem, you’ll hear cathartically raw vocals, emotional acoustic guitar riffs and lush soundscapes. Just try to resist hitting the replay button on this one.

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Kicking things off in style, we have the infectious, new, feel good banger ‘Big City Thing’ by The Scarlet Opera. Fusing the majesty, energy and vibrancy of the theatre with punchy rock and roll, soul and toe tapping pop. An artist project that represents the misunderstood and misrepresented, they embody passion, beauty, courage and vivacity. With essences of The Scissor Sisters threaded throughout, The Scarlet Opera are fun, talented and impossible not to like, partnered with a glorious video carefully woven together with intimate and nostalgic home video footage from childhood, ‘Big City Thing’ is a coming of age winner in our books.

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Next up we have another incredibly catchy number from the acclaimed alt pop duo joan and their new track and video ‘nervous’. Taking listeners back in time to the days of high school, first loves and all the feels that can accompany these initial ventures, of finding our feet in the realms of romance. A likeable ear worm from the get go, ‘nervous’ is clever, well put together and filled with hooky melodies. Expansive, exciting and innovative pop music at it’s finest. It’s a big hit with us and we’re excited to see joan continue to shine.

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At just 12-years-old, Claudia Marie di Giambattista is unquestionably mature beyond her years. Her debut single ‘Night To Myself’ places her in the same category as Billie Eilish, who also made her debut at a really young age, but also any of the litany of successful child stars like Miley Cyrus or Demi Lovato. It’s safe to say that Giambattista is in good company. As for the track itself, this is a pop gem with active and youthful energy that reflects the fast pace of our modern world, but also is the perfect setting for the young artist’s sweet voice and lyrics that are fresh and from the heart. We’re so excited to be hear at the start of what’s bound to be a promising career for this emerging singer and songwriter.

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Conor Maynard takes the mic for this COLORS-style lyric video for his new single ‘If I Ever’. This impassioned, radio-ready pop track showcases the artist’s vibrant and emotive vocals that don’t let up right throughout this cool electro-pop soundtrack, one that takes inspiration from The Weeknd’s sensual beatwork and The 1975’s anthemic synth-rock style. It’s such a cathartic listen that also represents a rebirth for Maynard, following a tough break-up at the end of last year, one that had him searching for change and this single is easily the first sign of the musician’s new chapter.

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There are few origin stories more interesting or unique in music than the one behind POLAR MIND. It all started three years ago, when the Swiss scientist was in the Antartica at the Palao research station, where sounds from the ocean are recorded, there he listened to the whales breathing and the ice cracking. His life changed forever when one day, he located a pulsating bubble about a kilometer below the water surface that was sending out a signal. Following that discovery, teams of experts from different parts of the world are trying to recover its meaning, because they suspected that POLAR might have encountered a sensation. A first sample of the bubble showed that it is composed of ammonia, methane and hydrogen – components that also played an important role in Earth’s first days. A sort of small bolt of lightning appeared to be discharging in the gas mixture, enabling the bubble wall to emit signal waves that appear to be communicating with some as yet unidentified force. At the centre of this all was POLAR MIND who escaped the attention by returning to Switzerland where his debut single ‘Am I The One’ first came into being. It’s a hedonistic and rambunctious mixtures of 80s synths and modern pop that evokes the wild ride that this scientist and artist has been on.

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‘Reincarnation’ is the focus track from Leanna Firestone’s brand new EP release, Public Displays of Affection, and it’s song that typifies everything that we love about pop. It’s catchy as heck, the hooks are so fun, the vocals nostalgic and unique, the instrumentation is feel-good and motivational, and the song is jam-packed full of imaginative lyrics. It’s the artist’s first and only co-write on the EP, but even so the authentic voice of diarist-lyricist Firestone comes through with an unwavering force, one that outs her rawest emotions into words. This song in particular is an undeniable pop anthem, one that’s shot through with americana.

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We doubt that there’s anything that could get us in the mood for the weekend more than Kylie Minogue. Her music is iconic and instantly feel-good. If you were going to put any song on the speaker at a gathering of friends, house party or even DJ set, then you can’t go much wrong with the 2001 hit single ‘Can’t Get You Out Of My Head’. Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten that we’re a new music blog, the reason for all of this preamble is that New York artist B.Miles has made a stunning cover version of this pop classic in this collaboration with producer Huck. This reimagination stays true to the overall sensual vibe and main pop hooks, but B.Miles imparts her own husky, soulful vocal style alongside lashings of cool, funky bass.

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