Mini Melon Mix Ups: Jordan Siwek, Freyr, Someone, Bright Brown, 1tbsp and Nea

It’s time once again to induce that Friday feeling with our pick’n’mix selection of new music from across the globe and from the whole span of genres! Let’s dive in to this pack playlist-worthy tunes!

Los Angeles creator Jordan Siwek is giving us that classic songwriting feeling, complete with big bluesy piano chords and impassioned vocal performance that entirely bring to mind the image of a musician pouring his heart and soul over the keys. The track we’re talking about is of course ‘Two Roads’, a huge piano-led track with undertones of forlorn violin that create such a cinematic atmosphere. His lyrics, like “one paths, two roads, better decided before my head explodes”, reflects the paralyzing feeling of indecisiveness and internal conflict that it can produce. We’ve all been stuck at a crossroads at one time or another and we finally have the soundtrack to navigate us through it.

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‘Abandoned Places’ is such a unique rendition of some classic musical techniques from Scandanavian indie-folk artist Freyr. Full of Bon Iver-esque vocals, chugging folk percussion and layers of rural strings, this release marks the artist’s first new music since 2021. The most interesting aspect of this song has to be the classic call-and-response voices, which represent the different perspectives of an angel and devil as they struggle with love. The shifting sense of space and time, although centered around the still and seemingly empty symbol of an abandoned house, mirrors the journey that Freyr has been on in 2022; living out of various Airbnbs for nearly five weeks in Germany, he conjured up initial ideas on his laptop in a state of perpetual motion physically, emotionally, and spiritually. 

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Introducing the unique and incredibly intriguing artist Someone and her new single ‘I Guess I’m Changing’. The moniker for British/Dutch composer, producer and visual artist Tessa Rose Jackson. Alongside the ‘I Guess I’m Changing’ visual revealed today, also comes the gift of her new album ‘Owls’. Inspired by Severance and Maniac, this lead single is a dreamy and creative dive into the spacious atmosphere of psych-pop. With gorgeously, feather-light vocals and clean, crisp production, ‘I Guess I’m Changing’ is an undulating slice of incandescent indietronica. If you’re looking for something a little bit different this Friday, this is it!

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Next up we enter the peaceful world of Bright Brown and his fourth full length album Where the Ocean Once Was. Filled with soft, comforting, soul-stirring tunes, this album is the perfect accompaniment for a walk in the countryside or to wind down with on a Sunday afternoon. With a smooth, gentle vocal and instrumentation to match, this project is curious, quaint and super easy going. A mellow mood inducer, Where The Ocean Once Was explores an earth in flux mirroring the struggle with personal change and growth. 

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Up on our radar next is Aussie artist 1tbsp with his first 2023 track ‘Pioneer Digital Plastic Sound’ which kicks off a new run of releases from his next upcoming EP, slated for release in March this year. Ever the explorer and experimenter, ‘Pioneer Digital Plastic Sound’ is no different. Upbeat, fun and out there, 1tbsp is fluent in weaving unusual sounds, rhythms and samples into his music with such talent and flare. This marks an exciting new era for the artist and we look forward to more instalments of this nature.

“Pioneer Digital Plastic Sound is the first track from a new EP that I’ve just finished, which has been a big exploration in sound for me. I really wanted to find different styles & ideas across the four tracks, and they came together through a lot of experimentation. I made‘Pioneer Digital Plastic Sound’ with the idea in mind that there are so many people DJing nowadays, and sharing music through decks (plastic)which is bringing a lot of people together. Hearing music in this way has also shifted the way I find & make music.”1tbsp

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Finishing off today with a feel good, Friday banger in the form of brand new single ‘A Lover Like Me’ from Swedish singer, songwriter and all round artist Nea. Having stepped into 2023 with over 2 billion streams as a songwriter and several international awards behind her, Nea is widely regarded as one of Sweden’s most acclaimed writers and rightly so. ‘A Lover Like Me’ is upbeat, dance worthy and unapologetically honest. It’s a fun, electronic pop number with unique synths and layered sounds, all polished off with Nea’s capable vocals. The type of song you play full blast and rock out too as if no one is watching. Enjoy!

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