Rising pop star Leila Pari collaborates with French producer NEZZY on nostalgic ‘Don’t Want To Become You’

As is the case with so much new-found talent these days, Leila Pari first rose to fame on a social media app, but that’s not where her story stopped. Before too long, she caught the eyed of international publication Forbes, modelled for iconic sports brand Adidas and even took to the stage to speak at a TEDx. You’d be pretty close to to truth if you thought that there was nothing that this multi-talent couldn’t do.

More recently, this rising pop star and accomplished songwriter in her own right has been working with the likes of Felix Cartel, Tohi, and Tahsan Khan. Her latest collaboration is with French producer and instrumentalist NEZZY, on the sensational new single ‘Don’t Want To Become You’. The track centers around Pari’s emotive voice as she sings about the fear of losing sight of herself and trying to be something she’s not. It’s such a nostalgic soundtrack, reminding the listener of better days and guiding them towards finding peace and freedom. 

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