Indie Kids: Sam Himself, FRANKIE FLOWERS, Nicki Wells, umcomfortable twin, Electric Jane, The Deenys, apocalypseboyo, Synne Sanden, Matt Holubowski, Rum Jungle, Fritz Hager

Our Indie Kids playlist celebrates everything on the indie spectrum, whether that’s rock, folk or pop, because we firmly believe in taking a little walk off the beaten track every once in a while.

Incendiary performer Sam Himself delivers a treat for the eyes and ears with his new single and music video ‘Heartland’. This is the focus track from the Swiss rocker’s new album Never Let Me Go, a record that explores new sonic horizons amidst a reopening world post-pandemic. Alongside other massive tunes like ‘Mr. Rocknroll’, ‘Golden Days’ and title-track ‘Never Let Me Go’, this final piece of the puzzle represents everything that this artist is about. Travel, adventure, music, friends, love, and coming home.

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In the unique intersection of dark-wave and post-punk music, you’ll find FRANKIE FLOWERS, the emerging alternative artist from the Canadian town of Waterloo, Ontario. Initially inspired by iconic bands like The Cure and Joy Division, she’s continued to expand her personal style into more darker, psychedelic and eclectic arenas as you’ll hear in recent single ‘Serotonin’. This playful and youthful track is bound to induce happy chemicals in the minds of any listener, especially those looking for an break in the daily grind.

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Folk music isn’t the most obvious style of music for our Indie Kids selection, but there’s no question that ‘I Have Longed To Be Here’ from British songwriter Nicki Wells colors outside of the usual lines. Incorporating ghostly harmonies and scaling melodies, the musician reflects the beauty and power of the natural landscape that’s featured in the accompanying music video. Her voice is stunning and the Bulgarian and Indian inspired instruments really propels this track to another level.

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uncomfortable twin takes the tried-and-tested formula of a break-up song to depict the struggle that young people in Hong Kong have been going through since the 90s. Whether that be financial struggles, political strife, or saying goodbye to countless friends and family who decided to emigrate, these themes have stuck with generation after generation in a seemingly endless cycle. This songwriter has created a hazy, forlorn and melancholic indie track ‘Breaking Up Is Hard To Do’ that contemplates leavings one’s home, one’s country behind. The production swims in a distant nostalgia for a past that’s yet to come and the subdued vocals convey this emotional indecisiveness. Shaky synths, stuttering percussion, and unreliable strings underscore the feeling of longing and resolve.

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Hailing from Vancouver Island, rock trio Electric Jane are riding high on the release of their self-titled debut EP, from we’ve picked up riotous opening track ‘Enjoy The Show’. This tongue-in-cheek rock anthem not only invites the listen to let loose while listening to the EP, with those singalong lyrics and thumping bass line, but it’s also the band’s go-to track for kicking off their live shows. This is such a party track, one that you can’t help but throw yourself around the room to while revealing in the hard-hitting drums, old-school guitary riff and temptingly rebellious energy.

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Let’s head down to Australia for some jaunty surf-rock from emerging name The Deenys. Right now it’s peak summertime for this band and so within that context, this sun-soaked, feel-good indie track makes perfect sense. It’s also bringing us some much needed warmth in our less desirable weather conditions. While decidedly beachside with those jangling guitars and catchy lyrics, there’s a little New Romantics undertone that gives this track an even more nostalgic sound.

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When a music project comes alives, there’s that certain moment of confirmation when you know it all makes sense. For apocalypseboyo members Adam and Joel, the songwriting process behind ‘Moving On’ is what really bonded them. This dreamy, indie-pop slow dance takes elements from indie rock and hip-hop, but then reshapes them into something that hinges on the groove and bass so integral to this duo’s sound. It’s the perfect debut single for the brand new Australian band.

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We’re really pushing our our sonic comfort zone with ‘Firewood’, the impressive new single from Synne Sanden, but we felt that this message behind this was so special that we should highlight it. The art-pop Norwegian artist uses the chaotic, intense and primal sounds of this track to soundtrack taking back one’s ownership of your body and sexuality. The explosive and energetic nature throughout can be interpreted as the breaking point, the euphoric liberty, the rollercoaster journey back to the self. ‘Firewood’ is the second single from the upcoming album Unfold, to be released later this month.

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Canadian singer-songwriter Matt Holubowski has officially entered the chat with the creative, cool and honest new single ‘My Burrow’, which was co-produced by the artist alongside Pietro Amato. Suitably cinematic, this song oozes fading Hollywood glamour with an stepping symphony of percussive beats, hedonistic melodies and electronica undertones. It’s the perfect pairing to the theatrical music video directed by Véronique Audet-Gagnon. Following previous single ‘End Scene’, this track is the second single taken from the artist’s fourth album, Like Flowers on a Molten Lawn, set for release this Spring.

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New South Wales band Rum Jungle spent last year playing tons of gigs and making a debut appearance at Falls Festival in Byron Bay, but with the road put behind them for the time-being, they’re sharing with hometown love with ‘Back Home’. Working with Jack Nigro on this one, the band implement their usual anthemic steez lifted straight from the many stages they’ve frequented to give us a sense of what it must be like to watch them live. It’s impossible not to get sucked in by that hook-heavy chorus, sun-soaked guitars, and nostalgic, bleary-eyed lyrics reminiscent of the late-night return to home after a night out.

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Former American Idol star Fritz Hager makes his debut after the show with fresh single ‘Caroline’. It’s a refreshing wave of pop-rock youthfulness from the singer and songwriter who shows that he’s got what it takes to make it beyond the TV with his confident, well-constructed and playlist-ready sound. Co-written by the multi-platinum producer/songwriter Drew Pearson and the pop/alternative songwriter Francisco Martin, this boppy track spins a fictitious tale of a one-night-stand with the potential morning-after consequences. It’s not a serious track by any means, but it’s fun, funny and very cathcy.

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