CHATTERBOX: Rising Canadian singer-songwriter LOR tals sophomore singles, writing from the heart & future plans

Newcomer vocalist and songwriter LOR returns to chat with the Purple Melon crew following the release of her incredible second single, ‘Sip’, the follow-up track to her debut, ‘Used To.

For our readers who may not have heard of LOR before, could you tell us a little bit about your sound and style?

My sound is a mash up of the types of music I grew up listening to from alternative pop, rock, folk, R&B and rap. I think there is a bit of everything in it which I love. My style really depends on the mood of the song. I bounce between a very delicate and dark side in my music. 

How are you feeling now that your second single, ‘Sip’ is out in the world? Is the initial reaction everything you hoped it’d be? 

I feel like I’m still riding a big wave from the first single and it all seems very surreal. I don’t think it’s sunk in yet for me to be quite honest. Though the response so far has been pretty cool, especially to hear people explain in detail how it makes them feel when they listen to it has been really beautiful to me. 

LOR – ‘Sip’. Official Music Video

We love to know the origin and history behind artists and band names, what inspired LOR?

My parents call me LOR and always have. Growing up my dad was very into Star Trek and there was a evil character on the show named Lore. I was known to be a bit of a mischievous baby so my dad says it was inspired from the show! It’s also the second half of Taylor, my real name. 

‘Sip’ seems to be a really personal song about love and addiction based on a past relationship of yours? Aside from relationships, what else inspires your songwriting?

So many things. Conversations with strangers, sounds of the city, poems, the colour of the walls. In “Sip,”the lyrics are “take a sip, I know you want another sip.” I like to be quite literal in my song writing, you can word things in so many strange and unique ways. I’m always finding my brain generating lyrics constantly. It doesn’t turn off. 

Could you describe what this single means to you in your own words?

“Sip” is a blur of a lot of raw emotions to me. It’s almost like a delayed response to someone. Something I knew deep down and wanted to say out loud to that person for a very long time but never could. 

Where would you like to see yourself in 5 years time, career-wise/ musically? 

On tour! I really want to be on a world tour and relentlessly writing for myself and other artists. Playing shows and connecting with like minded people and fans so so badly. 

Lastly, what’s next for LOR, what can fans expect over the coming year?

I’m releasing an EP in November, which is gonna be the biggest thing I’ve ever done. Then it’s on to more music in the new year and then touring and festival season next summer. 

LOR – ‘Sip’


“Sip is an emotional diary entry from a time where my head and heart felt ravaged. It’s about the sort of ‘crazy’ another person can swindle you into feeling – the madness starts to seep into your being. It becomes a sick, fun game you can’t stop playing.”

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