Rising Swedish songstress ORKID releases ‘Wasted’, her new bouncy indie-pop single

ORKID is a 21 year old rising songwriter who is based in Stockholm; the exciting indie-pop talent has been emerging as a real force in the industry. 2017 saw the songstress rack up 2,500,000 total streams on Spotify, with her second single ‘Only if you want to’ standing out with over half of those total plays. ORKID’s new track ‘Wasted’ will see this momentum continue; it’s a bouncy number filled with effervescent synths, bold percussion and silky vocal melodies. The vocal performance is emotive and raw, conveying ORKID’s outstanding songwriting talent.

“Wasted is about hiding behind the comfort of your excuses. Maybe you dare to say or do things with another you’re attracted to, when you know you really shouldn’t go there. No matter how strong the chemistry, sometimes that’s just not enough… the rush much more fun than the reality.” – ORKID


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