Chatterbox: LIHO chats to us about Fly Away With Me, DROELOE and his upcoming EP

Hey, thanks for talking to us. Could you tell our readers a little bit about yourself?

Hi there, my name is Lionel Floriani. I’m 21 years old and I come from Belgium! I make electronic music and release it under the alias of LIHO.

How did the name come about?

I actually explored a lot of different names before landing on LIHO. I wanted an artist name that was iconic and sexy, but still loosely connected with my birth name, Lio. So, LIHO was born.


What inspirations have gone into defining your sound?

Two artists that I am constantly looking to for inspiration are DROELOE and Camo & Krooked. They have really helped me shape my sound and style. In particular, I am always blown away hearing how DROELOE is able to tweak their percussion to give all of their tracks such a unique vibe. I really look up to Camo & Krooked’s lead arps and their incredible melodies/sound design.

How did the new single come about?

I started making this song at a time when I felt a bit lonely and sad. It helped me escape to a more peaceful place and I wanted my listeners to come with me, hence the title “Fly Away With Me”. Escaping these melancholy emotions is also what inspired the overall atmosphere of the track. It combines emotional and sad elements with playful and happy elements.

How did it evolve in the studio from the original demo?

I actually did the first draft of this track about 7 months ago. As I previously said, the original demo was conceived as a temporary escape from reality. It then just sat on my computer and hadn’t been touched in months… until one day I had the sudden inspiration to finish it. What’s interesting is that when I decided to finish it, I was in a better emotional state than when I started it. Because of this, you can hear the difference between the first and the second drop.


Is it part of a larger project, an EP or album?

This particular song is not… but be ready for an EP soon 😉 

What do your fans have to look forward to over the next few months?

We have some exciting releases coming very soon! In the upcoming months you’ll be hearing some tunes that all have a different vibe, but still with the same playful LIHO flavor. Expect some Future Bass, some Electronic pop and even some Bass House… I’m really looking forward to sharing all of this with you!


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