Stockholm based songwriter Patrik Jean drops emotive new single ‘Loved You Once’

Patrik Jean is emerging as an important name on the Swedish songwriting scene. Having written the track for the winner of Swedish Idol, Jean is becoming known for his signature writing style – raw and melodic. His new single ‘Loved You Once’ is exactly that; well crafted melodies that are delivered by Jean’s emotive vocal. The production provides a solid foundation and frame for the melody, restrained enough to leave space but driven enough to keep your interest peaked.

“I wrote this song in frustation, shortly after being dumped. I regreted ever opening up my heart to someone. Like the lyrics say I felt like even loving that person once, was one too many times. Today I look back at our relationship with joy, and remember the good times even if it’s easier for me to write about the bad. My life has changed a lot since the time when I wrote this song, and I’m really happy I went throught it all. I know myself a lot better today, both as a person and as a songwriter. I’m grateful to the person who broke my heart for the first time, cause that’s the inspiration for this song and my upcoming EP. I loved you once, and I thank you for that.” – Patrik Jean


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