Cooper Glass releases stunning genre spanning album ‘Seasons’

Cooper Glass doesn’t sit inside one genre-filled box, instead, he has aimed to inspire and create his own sound throughout his short time as an artist. He has quickly burst onto the scene with his unique melodic flow and vibrantly, somewhat tropical production, paired with his rapping that almost sinks into singing. It’s innovative and interesting from the off, and Cooper quickly decided to drop a debut album full of his material including standout tracks such as ‘Moneyball’ and in particular ‘Play It Cool’.

‘Play It Cool’ maybe sums up Cooper as best as you can, with a subtle yet noticeable blend of electronica, packed with synths and dreamlike percussion elements which transcend you from the norms of pop and dance. His voice is reminiscent of the wonderful Ghostpoet, and the US rapper possesses a compelling mixture of production throughout the track. It’s certainly a statement from Glass, and shows that there really are no boundaries in music. Check out Seasons now and see for yourself.

Listen to Cooper Glass – Seasons


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