CHATTERBOX: Newcomer talent Daniele Alan-Carter shares some exclusive news, talks new music & finding inspiration

Arriving with his brand new summer anthem, Daniele Alan-Carter has triumphantly returned after releasing a string of successful singles, and now shares with us the emphatic ‘Promise You Will Love Me’. The Italian-born multi-talent exercises his expertise as a singer-songwriter and actor, with his musical taste being influenced by his eclectic career, uniting his theatrical side with his sonic blend of Pop, Soul and EDM. Today, Purple Melon has the chance to chat to Daniele about his newest single, future plans & loving yourself.

Hey Daniele, how’re you feeling following the release of ‘Promise You Will Love Me?’, was the initial reaction all that you’d hoped for?

I am still super excited! I love the fact that people message me, tag me and discover ‘Promise You Will Love Me’ as one of their summer anthems. It’s just the greatest feeling in the world to know that people listen and most of all enjoy what you worked for.

Could you tell us about what this song means to you personally?

I started writing music about a year ago. It came probably from a place of obliged isolation because of the pandemic and lack of performance opportunities. To be honest, I was not ok. I started with terrible anxiety attacks, overeating and feeling depressed. I threw myself in so many different activities to try to push away those negative emotions, but to try to suffocate them didn’t work. From that came out “The Mirror” my previous song, which opens up exactly about the issues above. After that I worked a lot on myself and I wanted to write a song that would dove into more summery feelings (summer is my favourite season) and I wanted to show that even though life can sometimes give you lemons, there are people around you that can lift you up, and that actually love you.

I collaborated on this song together with Giorgio Tarantino and we wrote about the beauty of be able to set free of those insecurities we all feel sometimes if we have the right people around us. Hence why the title ‘Promise You Will Love Me’, to welcome the people we care about and that love us back and that can stick to that promise. 

‘Promise You Will Love Me’ is a bit of an unconventional love song inspired by the pandemic, what kept you grounded & helped get you through all the lockdowns?

Yes indeed. I am not “in love” at the moment. Surely one of the people who constantly saves me and keeps me grounded is my brother. We live together in London, and the pandemic without him would have been a much darker place. He’s my little brother, but he’s my rock, he inspires me and I love him probably more than I love myself.

I also have other “brothers and sisters”, my friends, that keeps me sane, That shake me and throw me insane and crazy ideas which then often lead to amazing collaborations and special moments. This is a rebirth song, that we deserve after a year and a half of pandemic;  if we got love around us, well…that’s all that matters.

As a gifted singer, dancer & multi-instrumentalist, which talent would you say is the hardest to master & why?

Well, thank you. Compliments often leave me speechless. I would say that each craft and art has its hardships. My focus was always through words and my voice to be able to inspire and convey emotions, hence why I keep practicing, in order to develop my voice, to keep it healthy and versatile. It’s incredible how much your voice can change and how much you can discover every day. But I really find that every art have its difficulties.

Daniele Alan-Carter

How do you stay inspired and keep your creative juices flowing during national lockdowns and all the doom and gloom?

Well, I always had a very active mind. Sometimes I’d say too active. I think the secret is never getting stuck in one single idea of oneself. Let life surprise you, don’t get down to label yourself as a certain kind of artist or another one. Do not prevent yourself from the beauty of getting out of your comfort zone, or your “style”. We are creatives and as such I think it’s beautiful to be able to let that creativity express itself in different ways. We are not just one single thing. Growing up we all have so many influences and references, that is beautiful i think to let them all come out. Some of the biggest artists of our time showed us that versatility and to explore new sounds and identities is wonderful and sometimes more rewarding than overthinking and planning music thinking about what the market wants. And if it’s a flop, well…maybe you learnt that you’re not cut for that; or at least not yet. Or surely you learnt something new. Like, I started doing top lines and vocals for EDM songs; I learnt so much writing and recording for that genre that I bring that even into my own music.

Regarding the mood swing, this is probably what makes all creatives as such; sometimes it is tough. We dive into places that can bring us really down. We can be our worst enemies, full of doubts, insecurities that one single word can make us crumble. This said I think it’s an important part of the creating process to keep it real and be critique of your own work. On the other hand I think it’s important to recognise when these “lows” are getting too much and overwhelming, and if you cannot do it alone, it’s important to know we can ask for help. Mental health is such an important in an artist career; how many of my idols have suffered or left us too young because they didn’t know where to cry their pain. Our safety and health needs to come first and there are people that can help us keep us sane.

What advice would you offer to other young artists hoping to make it in the industry?

Well, let’s connect would be my first word. I wish I had suggestions or tips, but as an emerging artist myself I am literally trying it out too. What I think it’s important is to keep it real and personal. As long as you have something to say soon or later someone will see themselves in your words and music. Social media’s are such a powerful tool, it can potentially and literally connect you with millions of people; so I think that if you have something to say, put it out there; don’t stress too much about that not being perfect or super professional. The message is what comes through, the images you send out and write about. The production skills, the sound, visuals and presentation can improve with time and can change together with you.

Also what I found mostly rewarding is to find other creatives like you that could help you develop your dream. If you know other songwriters, musicians, producers, Video-makers, hang out with them, see how they work, collaborate, find inspiration with them. You don’t have to do it alone. And I always think that to create together is always so much fun. 

Lastly, what’s next on the agenda for Daniele Alan-Carter, what can fans look forward to?

Well…there’s a news I am sharing only with you. A tropical house edit by Tokøta of “Promise You Will Love Me” will come out soon with more club/dance vibes.

Beside this, I keep writing new songs that I hope I’ll be able to release this autumn/winter. I have a concert in London, on the 8th of October at the Zedel together with Scott Alan, an American composer and songwriter which I absolutely love and that inspired me incredibly. To sing with him LIVE it’s going to be a dream that comes true and I am so looking forward to it.

Listen to Daniele Alan-Carter – ‘Promise You Will Love Me’


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