Listen to Ludovica Pagani x Stefy De Cicco ft. Shibui – Life Is One

Fresh on the scene as a newly-signed solo artist and absolutely killing it, Stefy De Ciccio’s back with a summery club banger alongside fellow producer and DJ Ludovica Pagani. The fresh, new single follows closely from the success of one of De Ciccio’s previous releases, ‘Day N’ Nite’ featuring Martin Jensen, which gained a staggering 30 million+ streams on Spotify alone!

Reeling from the success and looking to land another smash hit, the pair presents ‘Life Is One’; an energetic vocal track with bags of vitality, building with progressive beats and a euphoric bassline, featuring vocals from Shibui. Despite it’s early December release ‘Life Is One’ is the much needed ray of sunshine in these dark and dreary times, capturing both an ethereal and party vibe.

Filled with deep, pounding basslines and tonnes of exhilarating beat drops, De Ciccio and Ludovica’s creation is a fun and fiery dance-floor filler that’s just right for the summer, but seeing as clubbing under the sun in Ibiza is off the cards, a boogie in the bedroom will have to do. Introduced by pitched-up vocals and a steady 808 beat, ‘Life Is One’ soon breaks out into a crescendo of distorted singing vocals and a suspenseful build up of electronic sounds before bursting into the explosive chorus. ‘Life Is One’ is the ideal antidote to all our wintery, COVID-19 blues.


“‘Life Is One’ is a hymn to that carefree and joyful feeling we experience when we’re happy. An empowering song made to make everybody want to dance!”

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