Watch Cliff Savage stir up a storm in his delicious new single, ‘Cookin’ Up’

If there’s anyone’s work ethic that’s worth envying, it’s definitely that of Long Beach native rapper Cliff, Savage. The upcoming hip-hop artist has been hard at work throughout the pandemic, having released 12 tracks and 7 music videos this year alone, with the aptly named ‘Cookin’ Up’ being his latest drop.

The video is a vibrant almost cartoon-like visual directed by acclaimed LA-based photo and videographer Kevin House. It features Cliff as the focus character as he raps, dances and swaggers around his kitchen stirring up a storm in the form of his latest hit.

Through the bouncy trap inspired beat and ever-changing flows, the message behind Cliff’s latest offering is simple; keep working hard, and stay hustling – idleness leads to stagnancy and stagnancy is just not cool! To have Cliff Savage’s kind of success and work rate you have to keep slicing, dicing and ‘Cookin’ Up’.

Listen to ‘Cookin’ Up’ on Spotify here


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