Daniel Allan unveils the tantalising – ‘Kiss N Tell’ ft Perrin Xthona

Daniel Allan has returned with his gorgeous, irresistibly moorish brand of pop, this time in the form of the funky, flirty ‘Kiss N Tell’ ft Perrin Xthona. His third collab with the talented singer, Perrin drapes her dreamy vocals delicately throughout the track. Filled with poptastic hooks, silky melodies and carefully crafted drops, all perfectly woven together by the talented young producer.

Multiple singles in, Daniel has solidly set out his style and effortlessly shows off his skillset with a well tailored maturity. Infusing a vast array of genres from rock to hiphop, dubstep to indie pop, it’s crystal clear that his sound is a glorious mix of influences that he continues to confidently weave in and out of.

“My artist project is eponymous (named after myself) because it was the only way that I could think to justify my sporadic changes in taste. This track about is about being fed up with arguments and coming to terms with how you feel about someone; instead of being anxiety-ridden and in a back-and-forth mentality with yourself on whether or not the relationship is worth it. The song encourages you to dive in to it head first and embrace the consequences that may come with it” – Daniel Allan


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