CAPYAC roll out next remix instalment ‘Ooeeooeeoo’ reimagined by Teddy Roxpin & Lando Chill.

Following on closely from their celebrated second album, CAPYAC FOREVER, power couple P.Sugz and Potion otherwise known as CAPYAC are now sharing incredible, reimagined remixes by their favourite producers. The fourth instalment is reworked by LA based producer Teddy Roxpin and hip-hop artist Lando Chill who put their own unique spin on the acclaimed “Ooeeooeeoo”.

Also, LA-based the electronic crossover duo CAPYAC are continuing to breach limits and push boundaries as they breathe a new life into disco, house, indie-electronic, and everything in between. Blurring the lines between music, art, fashion and theatre, their work draws on all mediums, captivating audiences from all backgrounds, all around the world.

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