Music for the future: introducing Maie with debut single ‘Like You’

Two favourtie genres of Purple Melon are pop and electronica, so the two combine are just magic. That’s what we get from the effervescent debut single from Maie, a brand new virtual idol created for and by the metaverse. She emerges out of her digital world in the shimmering Jack Irving dress and with a unique, fresh-eyed perspective on the world.

Maie repeatedly reminds the listener that “I’m a lot like but I’m not not like you” because while she might have taken a human form, she’s far from a biological being. Her voice is modulated, something transparent with emotion, but other times layered with a metallic aura that widens the uncanny valley of her existence. Backing up her voice are vibrating synths and fluctuating percussion that keeps the listener on their toes.

She know she’s different and yet part of a system, but Maie very much wants to connect with her audience in ‘Like You’. It’s a bombastic electro-pop song for anyone who has ever felt like an outsider.

Follow Maie on Instagram.

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