Producer & composer Esterly releases first 2020 single, ‘Where Is My Mind?’

Chicagos very own, producer and composer Esterly has released his first track of 2020, a rare remake of ‘Where Is My Mind?’ (The Pixies’ ‘88 release), which takes inspiration from its original placement in the closing scene of ‘Fight Club’.

Having always had a fascination with avant-garde film scores, Esterly has undertaken a rather unique and completely pioneer project. Utilising influence, inspo and ideas from composers such as Hans Zimmer and Danny Elfman, the producer has set himself a rather ambitious task. His upcoming EP sees him selecting culturally influential classics and covering them with cinematic flair, thus recreating each narrative within the song via his own perfected sonic alchemy.

Breathing new life into old fan favourites, Esterlys EP, aptly named ‘Reset’ is out on the 20th of March 2020.

“This project is a challenge to myself to reimagine these songs in a cinematic viewpoint,” says Esterly. “Within a three minute track, could I create the rise and fall of a cinematic arc inside a song people already know and love?” – Esterly.


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