Indie- Folk quartet Hazey Jane release first single of 2020, the sincere & full of sentiment – ‘Sidetrack’.

Hackney based, four-piece Indie-Folk band Hazey Jane have released their first single of 2020 – ‘Sidetrack’. Combining time-honoured folk storytelling with pop induced hooks and perfectly plucked acoustic motifs, they tie this all together with tender, yet impressive electric guitar grooves.

It is clear to anyone who listens that this is a band firmly rooted in bonds of friendship, vast experience and impeccable musicianship. Citing influences such as Nick Drake, Ben Howard and Flyte, this newest offering features effortlessly sung, cleverly crafted lyrical content, that paints the most vivid of pictures.

Within the first few seconds of ‘Sidetrack’ you are rewarded in the form of gloriously breathy vocals enveloped with just a hint of husk, brushing exquisitely over each and every word. The result? Heavenly shivers running up and down your spine – the music worlds answer to ASMR.

As if that wasn’t enough, the four part harmonies sing tones and reach nuances you never knew you needed to hear, carefully dancing between subtle moments of sound and silence, soothing and soul satisfying.

A band that is simply impossible not to like and even more so not to enjoy. The music they create is as comforting and tuneful as the wind amongst the rafters, when you are tucked up warm on a crisp winters night.

Simply put, a must listen.

“Sidetrack explores the joy and frustration of maintaining friendships. Loving someone is tough, whatever the circumstances. This song reminds us to draw strength from our closest relationships and persevere with those that enable us to grow.” – Hazey Jane.


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