Introducing: ‘Rikiki’ a flavourful ode to Africa by Canada’s latest Afro-fusion export, Shopé

‘Rikiki’ is the vibrant and flavourful lead single from Canada’s latest Afro-fusion export, the mononymously known, Shopé. Born in Lagos, Nigeria and raised in Toronto, Canada, Shopé’s duel identity has played a huge part in shaping both the man and the musician that he is today.

Having struggled with bullying as a child after first immigrating to Canada with his family when he was 11, Shopé spent a large portion of his life suppressing his Africanness and denouncing his heritage in the hopes of fitting in better. It was only in 2013, after deciding to take a trip back to Nigeria, that he finally reconnected with his roots and regained his full identity.

Consequently, Shopé’s debut album, also named RIKIKI, is a colourful and spirited ode to his motherland of Africa, laced with splashings of Rn’B, (‘Pepper Dem’), sprinkles of Dancehall (‘Tell A Man’), and of course, the irresistible Afro-fusion flavours of ‘Rikiki’.

Shopé – Rikiki Official Music Video

Bursting with colour, life and culture, ‘Rikiki’ is a sensational musical offering from Shopé that’s sure to lift anyone’s mood. The attention to detail in the video also shouldn’t go amiss, the story of Shopé’s ‘two sides’ marrying into each other is cleverly visualised through traditional African prints on typically western clothing cuts and Shopé’s incredible ability to switch between pidgin, Yoruba and English with ease. Having undergone a long, hard process of metamorphosis, the ‘Rikiki’ video sees Shopé finally fly free and spread his wings, unashamedly affirming himself as a proud Nigerian child, adopted by Toronto.

Stream Shopé’s album RIKIKI here:


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