Keir’s indie-pop single ‘Say Love’ is stunning

Sometimes you really want a sad pop song; it’s that catharsis feeling of expunging your own emotions through those articulated far more beautifully by an artist. If you’re finding yourself in need of some musical cleansing, then we have just the song for you.

Keir’s indie-pop single ‘Say Love’ is a sweet serenade swimming in the nostalgia of good times past, even if it didn’t work out in the end.

While we love the reverb-rich instrumentals and arena-worthy strings, it’s Keir’s expressive vocals that have us truly stunned. You can hear every ounce of emotion in his soulful voice.

“‘Say Love’ is a story of forgiveness, it’s hard to describe really. Life doesn’t always work out how you planned, to experience love even in fragments though, is really a beautiful thing.”

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