updog has arrived with new EP ‘Skellies

Just in time for spooky season, updog has arrived with new EP ‘Skellies’, his weirdest, wackiest and down right scariest EP yet, he’s truly let his creativity run wild this time and we.are.here.for.it. Navigating the territory between silly and serious, updog has used this opportunity to inject a bit more fun into the mix.

With the release of ‘Skellies’ updog is living by example, showing his listeners how important it is to experiment, explore and get a little kooky, all whilst enjoying the process. Showcasing his songwriting abilities and production talents as well as peeling back the layers of who he is as an artist, with each single we find ourselves getting a little bit closer to this continuously intriguing artist.

Creep it real by checking out ‘Skellies’ below and be the ghostess with the mostess this Hallows eve by adding to your spooktastic Spotify playlist NOW. Promise, you’ll be in for a treat 😉

“you’ll notice there are no actual drops in this EP. I focused a lot more on writing choruses and melodies instead. Also putting myself in a happier place in general helped me move from my usual sad and depressing songs and helped me find some brighter, more positive melodies and ideas.” With that, comes the accompanying single to the EP, ‘rather just go home,’  presented through another set of self-explanatory, honest and self-reflective lyrics. “I’m pretty good at being around people and being social, but theres nothing I love more than just being at home. We all know that sometimes it’s tiring having to put up an act when you’re around other people.”  – updog

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