Parker reveals full length debut album ‘Gateway’

LA based producer, artist and DJ, Parker has finally revealed his full length, debut album ‘Gateway’. Featuring a multitude of flavours to suit all musical palates, Parkers production prowess is on full display with this encapsulating project.

Proving that he cannot be bound by genre, ‘Gateway’ is a wonderful muddle of Future Bass, Drum and Bass, Deep House and Mid Tempo, all rolled into one incredible body of work. Covering an immense sonic ground, Parker also incorporates elements and influences from Indie Rock, Alternative and Hip-Hop, which each add their own unique nuance to the vast selection of tunes.

Put simply, Parkers debut album is a ‘Gateway’ to musical haven.

“I started Gateway when I was extremely lost. I felt like I wasn’t being myself with music. The only thing that felt right was creating my first album. Each record I slowly started to find my creativity and make music for me. Not anyone else. Not worrying about opinions from others or listening to anyone’s direction. Each record you will feel and hear my creativity pull me out of the biggest roadblock in my career. Enjoy GATEWAY” – PARKER

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