CHATTERBOX: Sassy & vulnerable, Carly & The Universe talk California weather, working together & future plans

Hey Carly & the Universe, great to chat with you today, we’ve been loving your vibes recently and would love to get to know a bit more about you all….

Q: First things first, how’re you all feeling right now?

(Carly) Feeling damn gooooooood! 

(Freddy) I feel as smooth as a river rock.

(Mike) My spirits are HIGH

(Cameron) Feeling STUPENDOUS and Very Great 

Q: Could you tell us something about yourselves we couldn’t find from a Google search or Social Media stalk? Don’t be shy!

(Carly) I love to ski, and I love to cook! 

(Freddy) I almost went into baseball professionally instead of music

(Mike) I love sweets and I love my mom

(Cameron) I love cats

Q: We love to know the origin of band/artist names, where did ‘Carly & the Universe’ come from & did you go through any other band names beforehand?

(Carly) We didn’t go through other band names. People think Carly and The Universe must mean that the universe revolves around me, and although it does, my bandmates are the ones that came up with The Universe. What could be bigger and better than that? 

Q: How and when did the band form?

(Freddy) There was a big bang, and then The Whole Shabang, and then I fell out of craigslist, and then A Greater Thing happened, leading to our First Contact. 

Q: Your most recent single ‘Sunset’ is a super fun summer vibe, what inspired you to write the track?

(Cameron) It gives out that California LA vibes – because of Sunsets in California we had to write a song about it. 

Q: As the main songwriter of the group (Carly), do you ever have to convince the other bandmates about your song ideas/ concepts?

(Carly) Not as much as I need to convince myself that the song is worth it to record.  Most of the time, I throw away a lot of songs until  something is worth it to record. 

Q: Could you tell us a bit about your creative process? How do you go from idea to single and what roles do you all play? (besides instruments)

(Freddy) Carly and I write a lot together getting an idea flushed out then jam it out with the band till we get it right. 

(Cameron) The writing process is always jamming and finding what we all click with. From there I build the beat out in various sections of the song, to make a cool new thing. 

(Mike) Honestly it’s all a blur haha, but it takes a long time to get from point a to point b. A lot of scrutinizing. 

(Carly) I’m kinda a drill sergeant when it comes to writing new ideas, and quickly move onto the next thing if it doesn’t feel right. 

Q: What’s been a highlight of creating this single for you guys? I know the video shoot almost didn’t even happen!

(Carly) Honestly just finally releasing it and the awesome positive feedback we’ve been getting. Writing, producing, recording, performing is hard work and feels good to finally have something well received. 

(Cameron) Finally getting something out there since the whole pandemic put everything to a halt. 

(Mike) Just getting to the finish line, it’s been a long journey to get here, we are just proud  to have it out. 

Q: Lastly, what can C&TU fans have to look forward to?

(Carly) We are releasing a similar thing every 6 weeks, a song/music video/ cover art 


(Mike) More Singles!!!

Carly & The Universe – ‘Sunset’


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