Dive into the raw rap of AFS with ‘Clarity’ and ‘Floating’

The untampered energy of South-East London MC AFS shows big promise for an artist coming up in a heavily competitive and saturated market. Arguably, SE London is one of the hubs of UK hip-hop thanks to the melting pot of culture, bustling lifestyle and access to so many great rappers that have come before the next generation. As such, AFS is building his name of the shoulders of giants as well as his life-long obsession with rap music, both homegrown and from its ancestral home in the US.

As told in AFS’ quote below, ‘Clarity’ is just one half of a double A-side, the other being ‘Floating’. Both express an earnest exploration of the self and traverse the honest experience of being a young person right now. It’s a simple enough concept – beats and rap – but in that way it’s a breath of fresh air. AFS doesn’t play into current trends, he’s just sharing the style that he loves.

“The story behind the two songs is an introspective journey, coming from a place of uncertainty and feeling lost, to find clarity about being sure of yourself.”

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