morgxn and alt-pop four-piece WALK THE MOON have come together to reveal their take on morgxn’s standout track with a stunningly cinematic video for ‘home’

Touring indie-pop artist morgxn and four-piece WALK THE MOON have revealed their take on morgxn’s sensational track ‘home‘ with a stunningly cinematic video, directed by Morgan Freed and produced by Lara Mendizza. WALK THE MOON frontman Nicholas Petricca and morgxn sang ‘home’ for the first time live at morgxn’s Lollapalooza debut performance earlier this summer and decided to go into the studio to turn it into an official collaboration. This track exudes an atmospheric sense of nostalgia infused with a fresh beat and a kaleidoscopic melody which will undoubtedly hook you instantly. It is unsurprising that morgxn is drawing in fans from all over; with topping over ten million streams for ‘home’, and tour dates booked in cities all across the States, such as Boston, New York, Chicago, Philadelphia and Cincinnati to name a few, morgxn shows absolutely no signs of slowing down.

“’Home’ is a feeling you get when you’re with the people that understand you completely. It’s not always family – sometimes it’s a lifelong journey to find the places and spaces where you feel most yourself. Joshua Tree has always been a place I come back to. It’s one of the only places where the silence is so loud you don’t need to overthink it.” – morgxn

“When I first heard morgxn’s voice and first experienced his music I knew instantly he was one of my all-time favourite artists. That was the night we met, when he was morgan-with-an-“a”, and he was just sharing some demos he’d been working on. I was mesmerised by his angelic tone and his courageous ability to go deeply, darkly vulnerable. ‘Home’ is one of those first ideas he shared with me, and today I get to be a part of it with WALK THE MOON. This song is one of those universal stories to which any human being can relate. Personally it reminds me of the new home I’m seeking to create for myself, the one without parents or training wheels, where I can feel strong on my own.” – Nick, WALK THE MOON

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