LA-based rising star Shaylen debuts her decadent new single ‘El Dorado’

LA-based pop vocalist and songwriter Shaylen debuts her decadent new single ‘El Dorado‘, she says the single is “about a man in search of the city of gold. I am the gold. Sometimes I need a reminder that I’m dope, so I wrote this song because we all need that. This song is about feeling like gold.” Her opulent melodies, effervescent synths and sumptuous vocals are laced with a feel-good hook which will inevitably have you gripped for days. The rising star has since been making waves in the industry whilst perfecting her craft; Shaylen has inked a new publishing contract, as well as a major deal with Republic Records, and is currently in the process of building a roster of collaborators with emerging EDM artists.

“I want people to really walk away from my music and know that these songs are representations of me and my stories, and even when you seem like you have it all together, you don’t and you don’t have to…and it’s totally fucking okay to cry.” – Shaylen

Shaylen_Credit Piper Ferguson_Primary 1.jpg


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