Rising star Isaac Dunbar releases introspective new single ‘Freshman Year’

Rising star Isaac Dunbar releases his Spotify debut ‘Freshman Year’, a tribute to the highs and lows of adolescence. At just 15-years old, Dunbar is capturing the hearts of fans all over the world with his raw and introspective track, of which he wrote and produced himself. ‘Freshman Year’ combines sweet vocals, fresh production and heartwarming lyricism drenched in nostalgia. The video accompanying the single embraces an 80’s teen movie, stylised to perfection; visuals which see Dunbar reflect and question his self-worth in a time of universal insecurity. His line “it’s only freshman year” serves as a reminder that there’s life beyond high school, and it’s only the beginning.

“‘Freshman year’ is about the unmet expectations I had for my first year of high school. I wrote the song in one sitting one day after school, when I was reflecting on the ups and downs of that past year. The song was written during a time when I was  feeling hurt, insecure, and witty all at the same time – but it’s simply a collection of memories in the form of song.” – Isaac Dunbar


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