CHATTERBOX: BIM discusses her latest tune, ‘I Still Remember’, the importance of community & her lifelong aversion to Bananas!

London’s rising gospel, soul and RnB diva, BIM makes a very welcomed return to the airwaves with her latest single, ‘I Still Remember’. Equipped with a soaring mezzo-soprano which has tone and texture in abundance, deft songwriting and a clear point of view, BIM has come to be known, loved and supported by some of the world’s top artists including; Stormzy, Calvin Harris, Dua Lipa, Bastille, & Elton John. She also coordinated the choir for The Royal Wedding! Now, BIM sits down with the Purple Melon crew to discuss her newest single and the journey so far…

– How does it feel now that ‘I Still Remember’ is out in the world, is the reaction what you’d hoped for? 

It’s always a simultaneous feeling of anxiety and relief for me. By the time a track comes out, you’ve usually been sitting on it for quite a while so you just want it out of your head and hands but the reaction has been brilliant. So many have told me how much they’ve enjoyed it and what it represents so I can only be grateful.

 – Could you tell us a fun/interesting fact about yourself we can’t find from Google or Social media?

I detest bananas. The taste, the texture, the smell..all disgusting. If anyone eats one near me after this, the message will be clear. 

– ‘I Still Remember’ has a really powerful lyrical message, could you tell us a bit more about the meaning behind the music video?

The song is about the collective experience and unacknowledged pain so telling that story while highlighting the elements of community and support was extremely important to me. The video’s director, Cat Couture was able to channel all of that through the perspective of a child. The video can be interpreted in multiple ways and that’s exactly what we wanted. 

– What is something you hope listeners take away from this song? 

That empathy for the lived experience of others is a necessity. We all have a responsibility to pay more attention to the injustices around us. 

– What has been the most challenging and most rewarding part of writing and releasing ‘I Still Remember’?

The writing wasn’t hard as the flow between LGK, who produced the record and I is A1. It can though be such a challenge as an independent artist to deliver a song to the outside world in the way that you think it deserves due to a myriad of factors but to be able to present “I Still Remember” in a way that truly represents my initial vision for it is deeply satisfying. 

– Between songwriting and singing, which would you say is the harder skill to master & why?

I don’t think one is necessarily harder than the other because there is so much craft to doing either really well. The ability to articulate unspoken thoughts in a language others immediately resonate with vs expressing those same thoughts so well that other people feel like it’s coming from their mouths?I’m working on it so I’ll keep you updated! 

– Are there any tracks or albums you’ve really been enjoying recently? 

I adore Cleo Sol’s album “Mother” and Little Simz’s “Sometimes I Might Be Introvert”. They are both works of great beauty. 

– Do you have any hobbies or talents outside of music?

Plenty but let’s go with my love for fashion and interiors. I know no one wants to appear shallow but we love a strong aesthetic over here. 

– Lastly, what can fans look forward to next from BIM?

Collaborations, features and an EP. I’m excited to tell more stories. 

BIM – ‘I Still Remember’


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