Mini Melon Mix Ups: Lemonade Baby, Acchy, Linn Willner, Joe Fox & The Frantics, Bright Young People, Sirocco, Moonkay, Shy Niko

Hello and welcome one and all to another fruity instalment of our biweekly Mini Melon Mix Ups. If you’re new here, this feature is where we bring bit sized chunks of the musical goodness we’ve been getting on down to the past few weeks. Guaranteed to be super fresh, super fruity and overflowing with lashings of those feel good, Friday tunes!

Starting off the groove train this week with a refreshing taste of Aussie based Lemonade Baby’s new single ‘You’re Bad For Me’. Following the likes of ‘Too Late’ & ‘Ex Best Friend’ he returns with yet another indie fluid, alt pop offering which is encased in his unique sound and style and leans towards being a little more house than previous singles, perfect for a late night, dance floor groovy boogie.

“‘You’re Bad For Me’ started with the piano chords and then I slapped in some drums. I had a vibe down in about 15 mins and by the end of the day I had a backing track done as well.The lyrics were written maybe 3 months later when I had something I wanted to write about. At the time I had some friends go through big breakups and those inspired the concept for the song.It’s kinda about being open with yourself about how some one is bad for you, much like how some would say that sugar is bad for you.”–Lemonade baby

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Staying in the land of Oz, we’ve got new track from Melbourne-based artist Acchy, also known as Lachlan Sallabank who has dropped the epic new, larger than life tune ‘My Cyanide’. Filled with punchy Pop-punk and elevating energy this single features heaps of emotional angst and intensity building to an incredible release. One to pop on, rock out and head bang away!

“My Cyanide is a story of a teen who feels so strongly for a girl that he would do anything just to make it work. However, he admits this isn’t healthy for him with the title ‘My Cyanide’ being an analogy for the girl. I found inspiration from my own similar experiences in love.” – Acchy

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Taking it down a notch now with talented Swedish singer-songwriter Linn Willner who delivers new single ‘Morro Bay’. A cathartic and beautiful offering, this track see’s Linn taking to the piano to reveal her thoughts and clear her mind. Featuring her sweet, breathy vocals delicately delivered she bares her soul with complete sophistication and grace.

I’ve always been a dreamer trying to fit in. As early as I can remember, I’ve always seen myself go down a different path than what was expected of me. During my entire life I was perceived as naive and had too big dreams for my own good. I tried to be the perfect girl for everyone except for myself and it led me down a dark road. I was at a crossroad, where I could envision two different lives for myself, one where I was the perfect girl from the outside, but inside the little dreamer was imprisoned by doubts. Or take the road toward my own happiness, but by doing that feeling like a disappointment to everyone around me. For me Morro Bay symbolizes taking ownership of the only life that you will ever have.” – Linn Willner.

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Next up on our radar is LA-based indie dance-rock band Joe Fox & The Frantics with a new single, ‘Haze’. Coming together way back in 2016, the band offers a unique blend of indie and pop which features a fresh twist altogether on the usual indie-rock scene. With a romantic lyrical theme running through, ‘Haze’ is lo-fi, gritty and dark. With an air of sexiness, Joe Fox & The Frantics might just be our new obsession.

“Haze is a song all about romance. Meeting someone new who just intoxicated you the moment you laid eyes on them. I think a lot of people have experienced wanting to just lose themselves in a new person and a new relationship. Even if you know it isn’t going to last it can be really liberating to live in the moment and not think about the future.” – Joe Fox & The Frantics

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Next up and channelling the darker side of alternative rock, we have new track ‘Evil People’ which is oozing with attitude from Bright Young People. Following on from angst-filled debut single ‘Lie In The Sun’, the Welsh rockers are back with even more infectious, energetic and rock inducing feels in this new release. Offering a level of maturity not yet seen from the young band, they continue to display their lovable brand of riotous, feisty and powerfully punchy tunes.

“is about small town mentality: ‘They’ll drag you down so shady ! Evil people, Evil people’ It’s basically that , people not wanting you to succeed.” – Bright Young People

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Pulsating with energy, next up is the high octane new single ‘Vertigo’ from Newcastle based Indie Rock band Sirocco. Preparing for a brand new year ahead this final single of 2021 rounds off a super successful one for the now five-piece band whilst also representing a shift in direction as they test previously uncharted musical waters. With layers of texture and a quick paced tempo to match, ‘Vertigo’ begins an exciting new era for Sirocco, one we cannot wait to hear more of.

“‘Vertigo’ marks a shift in direction for us. It’s full of ideas and production that are new to the band and our sound, marking a new era in our journey. The song starts with a Led Zeppelin sounding instrumental intro which slowly lifts into a fierce electric guitar, introducing the rest of the band. The standout feature on the track is our new member – Jess Barrett – who appears on the pre- chorus, mimicking Lewis’ vocal line, adding a vital new element to our sound.” – Sirocco.

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Moonkay, otherwise known as Jordan Barrit is the genius, genre-bending artist behind the awesome new single, ‘Sisyphus’. Atmospheric and encapsulating, ‘Sisyphus’ offers an emotive and heartfelt delivery which is packed full of experimental samples and airy synths.

Speaking on the meaning behind ‘Sisyphus’, Moonkay explains:

“Sisyphus focuses on the emotions I went through following a break with my partner, and the mix of internal questioning, confusion and ignorance that followed.”

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Last up on this weeks list is a brand new banger from the renowned producer, singer-songwriter and artist, Shy Niko. Mostly known for his fiery electronic and electro-pop creations, Shy Niko has recently decided to turn his talents to a more softened and melancholic pop entwined approach. ‘icy girl’ possesses a funk-laden groove and shy niko’s swooning vocal will keep this track wrapped around your mind, with a reminder that things will work out in the end if you keep yourself level headed and grounded.

 “I want to make music that makes you feel good and reminds you of what makes you feel good, so icy girl is a bit of an ode to that person that keeps you grounded, level headed and cool.

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