Introducing Ottawa’s best kept R&B secret Lonely Boy

It’s pretty bold to drop three tracks at once, but that’s what Lonely Boy is about, putting himself out there. From Canada’s lesser-known capital city Ottawa, this artist has been making waves across the country thanks to his sensitive, tasteful and emotive R&B music. All three of those words came to mine when we listened through LONELY PPl Vol. 1 for the first time. Vol 1? You might be asking. Apparently, this EP is the first in a three-part series that we’ll be joining Lonely Boy on.

Before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s get to the new songs – ‘October’, ‘Only One Night’ and ‘Sussex Drive’. First of the billing ‘October’ is one that pulls you in easy; far off vocals and lofi crackling back a voice message left for an absent lover, perfectly setting the scene for Lonely Boy’s tales of heartbreak. From here, the artist shows off the romantic quality of his deft vocal over a trickling piano and classic R&B backbeat. That nod to classic styles leads into ‘Only One Night’, a dreamy star-lit ballad which dips more into contemporary R&B. Singing his persuasive ode, Lonely Boy’s voice is smooth as butter and his emotions are palpable. Last but not least, we have ‘Sussex Drive’, a bouncy, bass-forward tune that incorporates playful samples and thick bass to leave us on an upbeat high.

Consider yourself full merged into Lonely Boy’s R&B narrative. Where the story will take us all next, only time will tell.

“Everyone gets their heart broken sometimes, LONELY PPL is my personal journey filled with trials and tribulations and the authentic vulnerable human experience that comes with heartbreak, healing and moving on. I’m very proud to share this personal gift from me to you, and I hope you love it just as much as I loved creating it.”

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