Escape into the warmth of KESHO’s R&B-forward ‘Whiskey Sour’

Introducing Kesho (pronounced kay-sho), the UK-based, Kenyan born genre blending artist who has a globalist approach to making music. His latest track ‘Whiskey Sour’ is an R&B-forward swooner that pulls in elements of dance, electronica and pop to convey the hedonistic experience of love, lust and all the emotions in-between.

While we soak in the warmth of ‘Whiskey Sour’ in the present day, it was actually while experiencing the freezing cold of an outdoor bar during the drinking and dining restrictions in the UK over the last winter that inspired Kesho. A sonic escape from the frost.

It’s also fitting that his chosen artist moniker Kesho is Swahili for “tomorrow”, as he’s an artist that’s looking to the future of music.

“I’d drink you like a Whiskey Sour, a double measure” – This line of the hook encompasses the track’s meaning. Imagine enjoying one’s company so much that it’s never enough… and you want them and their energy tenfold.”

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