UNDREAM returns with the dark and alluring ‘Monster ‘ ft IOVA.

Swedish producer UNDREAM is back with a dark new, alluring and utterly unique alt-pop single, the aptly named ‘Monster’ ft IOVA. Filled with unusual, twisted nursery rhyme like melodies and synths, this newest single oozes with UNDREAMS signature creepy, slightly sinister yet endlessly catchy style and crystal clear production.

Polished off with IOVA’s sweet, dulcet tones as she contrastingly details her haunting and harrowing experiences with sleep paralysis.

Discomforting but also incredibly hypnotising, step into UNDREAMS’s world, where ‘Monster’s really do exist.

“‘Monster’ is about the silent horrors of lying in bed awake and alone, something we have all faced at least one night of our lives. Those who have ever experienced sleep paralysis I’m sure can relate the most.– IOVA

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