Echoes in the Valley is the latest album from Australian pianist & composer, Sophie Hutchings.

Australian pianist and composer Sophie Hutchings has unveiled her 7th studio album, ‘Echoes in the Valley’, offering existing fans and new listeners a peaceful angelic 11-track album inspired by the blissful serenity of the Byron Hinterland mountains.

A deeply authentic artist that is equally in touch and inspired by her surroundings, Sophie’s rationale around the carefully selected location where she recorded her new works was very much on purpose. By removing herself and her mind from the bustling chaos, noise and pollution of the everyday world, Sophie was able to escape and live in a state of complete peace and oneness with nature resulting in a body of work that cuts through the noise & speaks directly from the heart.

Gentle chords, swirling melodies and ethereal soundscapes meet on this album, exhibiting Hutchings’ impressive skills, both on the keys and as a composer. Entirely written and composed on the piano, the only other audible accompaniment to the piano across the album are a few strokes of the keys, pushes of a pedal and the buzz of the outdoor aroma oozing in.

Speaking on the making of the album, Sophie Hutchings explains:

“I was so tempted to put another instrument on it, but had to tell myself, ‘No’. I wanted the natural world to speak louder than humanity.”.

Listen to Sophie Hutchings – Echoes in the Valley


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