Diana Goldberg teams up with Tokyo Project in new dark pop anthem ‘Parasite’

German singer-songwriter Diana Goldberg is no stranger to the house of melon and for very good reason, having graced the pages with previous tracks ‘FYI‘, ‘Game Over‘ and ‘Blackblueyellow’. This time she teams up with Italian producer Tokyo Project for the electric, dark and hauntingly original ‘Parasite’. Hypnotic dark pop at its absolute finest, ‘Parasite’ features intense, complex production and eerie yet relatable lyrical content, all detailed by Goldbergs powerful and contrastingly angelic vocals.

Relating the throws of a toxic relationship to that of a ‘Parasite’, it’s a clever play on words and one that after hearing the definition which is embedded into the song itself, is actually rather fitting. Aphotic, unusual and creepy melodies decorate the track alongside heavy, industrial style synth sounds. A catchy and alluring offering from the two, they have seamlessly come together to create ‘Parasite’.

The track is about the end of a bad relationship, where you realize that the other person was acting like a parasite. It describes putting what seems to be your entire life in the hands of another person, and even with that, they still leave you feeling drained, infiltrating your entire system. In the end, you actually realize you should have listened to those who tried to warn you before.” – Tokyo Project.

“I always listen to my intuition, and the [writing] process with this one was so quick. The melody is really creepy and cool and was very much inspired by some darker moods. At the same time, I wanted to educate people in the song in a way, so we came up with the idea to add a definition of the actual word “parasite” to the bridge, to make people aware of what’s actually happening when a parasite is in the human body as a host. I thought it was a really unique addition.”Diana Goldberg

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