Diana Goldberg calls ‘Game Over’ in emotion fuelled new track

Diana Goldberg is back with the emotive, yet fiery new cut ‘Game Over’ and this time, she’s calling the shots. Opening up with a beautiful sensitivity, ‘Game Over’ features a punchy chorus and empowering lyrics, to aid and arm her listeners experiencing similar situations.

Detailing the trials and tribulations of a difficult relationship, she focuses on a shift and change in priorities. Relatable, catchy and another formidable track to add to her weaponry, each release generates even more excitement as this young and extremely capable artist continues to carve her way in the industry.

“The song is kind of putting the empowerment back into the person who was neglected in the relationship. It’s like, if we keep fighting over the same thing, we won’t have anything in common anymore and it becomes a ‘game over’ for both of us. Every song I write comes from my personal life in some way, because I feel things more intensely than they are. With this song, I was an actress for the songwriting process, but the emotions were still the same; I just put them into a new context.” – Diana Goldberg

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