PRiiCE drop debut mixtape ’44’ alongside single ‘Kingsize’

Irish duo PRiiCE have revealed their debut mixtape ’44’ alongside single ‘Kingsize’. Detailing the pairs versatility from the very beginning, single ‘Kingsize’ ushers a slightly more subtle offering from the two. With double-bass riffing and epic brass sections, all tied together with a gorgeous top line vocal.

The debut mixtape is an eclectic composition of electro-pop, indie and hip-hop. Oozing with rhythmic vocals and memorable melodic phrases form expert tunes which emanate a laid back listening opportunity. Feel good, catchy and impossible not to like, this mixtape represents alt pop at it’s finest. Be sure to turn this up and get involved with PRiiCE.

“Kingsize, similarly to our debut single Sunflower, is the result of one day’s work and a hard drive mishap. We sat on the song for a good while but we kept on coming back and back to it. For us, it feels like a really good and raw expression of what we’re trying to make as PRiiCE.” – PRiiCE

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