Mini Melon Mix Ups: Jaymaker, MACIOUS, cln, Kumarion, Alto Key and Now Ex

Hey friends! We hope you have all had a glorious week and are not far off jumping, skipping, diving and belly flopping into a gorgeous weekend. So, here’s our recommended picks to help you get that Friday feeling ASAP.

Jaymaker is the rising MC from Slough in South East England who has been finding a regular fandom through weekly freestyle rap videos, dubbed #WednesdayFreestyles. Showing that he’s more than a one-trick-pony, the British rapper has dropped a three-track EP titled All In Moderation. In ‘Balance’, ‘Day In The Life’ and ‘Learning’ (produced by Waterboy, REDAX and Kazzaprod respectively) Jaymaker muses on authenticity, drive, passion and inspration.

“‘All In Moderation’ is an overview of my next two EPs ‘Live This Life’ and ‘Too Honest’. Being truly honest and realising that I don’t live that life but live this life. I’m honest about how I live my life.”

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Following up on August single ‘Jazz’, the Manchester producer and musician MACIOUS has teamed up with favourite collaborator F.A.R. on brand new track ‘Ca$ino’, a disco-infused number buily on dance-worthy loops, catchy basslines and unique grooves, perfected by F.A.R.’s alt-pop vocals.

“Initially called “How Does That Shit Feel?,” with the first verse and initial idea written by Macious, we briefed the track generically about going out and getting fucked up with a new lover. The Casino link came from the arpeggiated synths, which reminded me of spinning dials on a slot machine. “Take me to the Casino” became the allegory for taking a chance in love and it’s addictive nature, but amongst the sweet rush and bright lights we forget love is an unpredictable, reckless gamble. We wanted to focus on the darker side with lines like “I’ll dose you til you dropout” to initiate feelings of manipulation and letting the subject “thrust the threshold” which, as well as being an obvious euphemism, is a nudge to surrender the essence of trust and control.”

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For anyone who has missed out on our admiration of Australian artist cln, let us guide you along with some big names who shares similar sonic genetics, like James Blake, Caribou and Bon Iver. So if any of them tickle your fancy, then be sure to give the chilled electronic, alt-R&B track ‘In Vain’ a good ol’ spin.

Most of the time when I write lyrics, I’m not referring to a particular story or experience of my own. My writing process usually revolves around capturing a general feeling or emotion and then building a song to reflect that.I didn’t really go into this song trying to write something sad, but I guess that this song probably takes inspiration from the general state of the planet. I feel like a lot of people are hurting, and that the last few years have been difficult for most.Sometimes you just need a loved one or a family member to tell you that things are going to be okay.”

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Filling up to the remix remit, we have a fiery addition to the playlist this week in the form of Kumarion’s mix of MOSH by NGHTMRE and Smokepurpp. The bass music producer and DJ has risen to the challenge of this top notch tune and delivered his own unique texture. His signature style is all over this heart-pounding track and featuring these two artist heavyweights its certainly destined to become a sure fire hit. Pop it on and let this energetic drum and bass remix take you higher!

“Honored for the opportunity to remix a track for one of the first big artists to play my music in front of massive crowds. I put my own spin on “Mosh” by giving it a jump-up beat with an aggressive bass stab. Grittiness was primarily what I was aiming for.”Kumarion

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Next up on our hit list is the atmospheric, incandescent ‘waiting’ from Indie musician Alto Key. Dusted with his distinct and buttery soft vocals, ‘waiting’ is incased in carefully curated and thoughtful production to help this single shine in all the right places. Featuring Alto at his most vulnerable, this tune is a whirlwind of electro pop, at its absolute finest. A must add to your emotion inducing playlist, we cannot wait to see what else Alto Key has up his sleeve.

“I wrote ‘waiting‘ at a difficult time in my life where a family member was in hospital. It’s all about that limbo state where there is no clear end in sight. There’s not much you can do, but you can’t just move on. I wanted this one to be really vulnerable and one that people can let out their emotions to, or at least feel assured that they’re not alone in this situation.” – Alto Key

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Last but by no means least we have the latest single ‘Somewhere Else’ coming in hot from singer-songwriter and Emmy award nominated artist Now Ex. Known by many as a multi-dimensional pop project as well as film director, Now Ex is becoming a household name with his honest and authentic approach to music making. Oozing with popping synths and electronics, Now Ex combines this futuristic sound with his almost classical style vocal. A haunting voicing with playful lyrics all sown over a bed of bright, polished production equals the recipe for pure music magic.

“It tries to evoke the duality of relationships, going back and forth on what’s best for you, for them, for you both, until no one is sure what the right direction is anymore. We all need support, and there’s a fine line between the support you can give yourself and that which others need to provide. The song tries to explore where that line lies, in the hope of finding reassurance in the realisation that it’s okay to be alone, and it’s okay to admit you can’t be what someone else needs.” – Now Ex

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