Electronic duo LEVV release their beautifully poignant new single ‘Hands On Me’

Audrey Assad and Seth Jones are LEVV, Assad is a Nashville based artist and producer whilst Seth is an LA-based DJ. The duo have racked up millions of streams by creating perfectly positioned electronic pop music. Upbeat, bouncy production is paired with well crafted melodic lines and a stunning vocal delivery. The new single ‘Hands On Me’ is a beautifully poignant track that is built upon important subject matter.

While going through trauma therapy in part to deal with a past experience of being groomed and intensely harassed as a teenager by someone much older than she was, Audrey started the song. She brought the idea to the studio, where she finished the track with Sj. It draws from the confusion that many women and men experience when they are abused by someone they trust.

“I never wanted to experience this,” says Assad, “but I am really grateful we have this band, this outlet in music to help me process and let go of it.”

“I’m proud of Audrey and the courage it takes both in the world and within yourself to talk about these painful experiences,” encourages Sj. “I’m thankful to get to be a part of a vessel that can carry those words to other people who have gone through the same thing.”


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