‘Mental Pictures’ is the alt-pop memory montage from New Orleans’ creative Thelia

We love this beat-driven alternative pop gem! The track we’re talking about is ‘Mental Pictures’ from New Orleans artist Thelia, who is setting out to release her debut EP, About Time. This first taste of the upcoming work possesses shades of Sylvan Esso, Léon and Carmody, which will please the ears of any fan of solid songwriting that’s backed up by electronic production that colours outside of the lines.

Her silky, softly lilting vocals weave in-between a luscious soundscape of synth pads, looped samples, dreamy mixing and intricate electronic drums. It sounds like pure imagination – boundless and flexible. In the quote below, Thelia illuminates how the track is a homage to all the good memories of a past relationship, once the heartbreak passes. It’s rather beautiful.

“’Mental Pictures’ is about holding onto the tenderness of the small in-between moments because at any second they could be stripped from us. Just because life ends in death doesn’t mean we have to be afraid of loving someone deeply or feeling intense heartbreak; with the ability to feel profound love, we also have the capacity to feel great pain. So we should honor the moments we have with the ones we love while we’re on this plane together.”

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