Mini Melon Mix Ups: Golden Vessel, Latir, 44 Ardent, Attack The Sound ft JoelQ, PatrickReza, Jake Daniels and Jozem

Guess who’s back, back, back. Back again, MMM’s back, tell your friends! Thats right chaps we have another stellar instalment of our beloved MMM for you today filled with absolute tunes to soundtrack your weekend. Check these out!

The ever prolific Australian artist Maxwell Byrne, aka Golden Vessel, is back with another song inspired from his American days, as heard in his colt LP. Dipping back into the wide US landscape, new track ‘eee’ explores spirituality and connection with nature in GV’s distinctive blend of textured beats and lofi melodies with support from rei so la and Abraham Tilbury.

“eee is a song about spirituality. I wrote it at the start of 2020 when I was rethinking my beliefs and decided to take a road trip across America. I wrote ‘eee’ in the back of my car in Flagstaff, Arizona, which started as a poem about finding connection or meaning within everything. I think I was desperately listening to as many podcasts and reading books/articles as possible, but what was speaking to me the most was being out in nature and taking the time to enjoy my surroundings.”

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Another artist who has brought some talented friends into the mix is London-based musician and producer Latir, who invites the voice of Olivia Nelson and piano skills of Tokio Myers into ‘Carousel’. The floating R&B beats and warm analog production perfectly portrays the romantic nostalgia themes at the heart of Latir’s sound, more of which we’ll hear on the upcoming Anthems For Lovers EP.

“For those feeling helplessly in love, for those who have felt this feeling, and for those who are yet to fall… I hope this song aids your eventual, transcendental moments, as though you are on a Carousel, to nowhere and everywhere all at the same time.”

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On our radar next is newness from 44 Ardent, in the form of the electronic lo-fi house bop ‘Pieces’. Light, airy and layered with fizzing, expert tailored production, this is an exciting new offering from the aussie based producer. A long time in the making, 44 Ardent took a little break from releasing, now he returns to us with the bubbling ‘Pieces’ and prepares to bestow a whole lot more for the year ahead.

pieces is supposed to sound sort of happy and sad at the same time. The piano and vocal samples combined are a little bit bleak, but then the drums and bass line are quite upbeat.There are also some cool things going on in the stereo imaging of the track. The bass is super wide and sort of engulfs the whole song as it comes in. My favourite part of the song is the subtle snare which does its own thing on the right-hand side of the song and works with the hi-hats to drive everything along.” – 44 Ardent

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We’re in remix city now with a delightful new rendition of ‘People Make Love’ by Chi-Pop Band Attack the Sound and JoelQ. A collaborative force who joined up especially for Valentine’s Day, this new take is nothing short of electric, emanating a new fiery nature that is sure to get you in the mood. The perfect tune to compliment such a day, Attack the Sound have ventured into new and exciting territory with this lusty number, showcasing their endless musicality and utter versatility.

Paired with the talented and sultry vocals of another Chicago native, JoelQ, this remix is truly the result of a match made in heaven and one that will certainly take you to heaven this love month.

Organic, energetic and overflowing with passion don’t forget to add this steamy single to your late night date playlists ASAP.

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Enter the dark and mysterious world of PatrickReza’s ‘Tears’ next in our MMM lineup. Oozing with deep, dirty beats and an effortlessly cool and moody vocal, PatrickReza emanates a nonchalant vibe like no other. Marking the final song of his 3 track EP ‘BLOOD, SWEAT, TEARS‘, ‘Tears’ is the epitome of sexy, alt-trap, and PatrickReza continues to captivate his listeners from the get go with his low, lo-fi tinged vocal.

This song tells the story of the push and pulling current throughout the development of a new relationship. I think of it in scenarios, experiences or metaphors: driving through the California coastal mountains, moving through those ups and downs, twists and turns, the lies, cheating, the good, AND the bad times of the road ahead.”  – PatrickReza

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Sultry vibes for this new track from Jake Daniels in the form of ‘Novia‘ now, as he chronicles the story between two star crossed lovers. Dotted with Spanish and drenched with passion, ‘Novia’ roughly translates to either bride or girlfriend. With pop influences flecked throughout, the melodies are catchy and sensual embodying themes of lust, love and beauty. Sung from the main characters perspective it’s a unique, short little track thats perfect to pop on and grab your fave salsa partner to sway away with.

The song was inspired by dance classes — of which originated in Spain — that I was attending at the time of its conception and also a mixture of film Noir style films that I was watching. ‘Smooth, but sexy’ was what I kept wanting to create when thinking of how to write and compose this song. Although the bass line has a similar feel to a few of my other songs, the production is much more of a smooth dance in my opinion. In the end, I wanted to make something that I could dance to.” – Jakes Daniels

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Finally and last but by all means not least we have a true gem of a track from Jozem, in the form of new single ‘Goderich’. Returning from a brief hiatus Jozem is back with his unique blend of experimental and explorative alt RnB and electronic Future Soul. ‘Goderich’ is an evocative and emotional meld that oozes with intimacy from the talented artist.

Dusted with his gorgeous, rich and soulful vocals, ‘Goderich’ encompasses thought-provoking lyricism and layers of production prowess. Teasing more releases for the year ahead we cannot wait to continue our journey deep into Jozems enchanting world.

I was doing a rotation as a medical resident in Goderich, Ontario in the middle of winter and brought a bunch of my music gear as I was hoping the solitude and time away from the bustle in Toronto would allow me to reconnect with my creativity. At the time I felt I was in a prolonged period of creative block and had almost gotten in a bit of panic about it thinking I may have lost my touch and perhaps lost the love for making music. I struggled for weeks to reconnect with that side of me, but nothing came. I started going on winter strolls and in those moments of introspection, learned to be ok with having these moments of lacking creativity- we are so often conditioned that we constantly have to be producing, that time is of the essence, that as artists our success is tied to our youth/youthfulness, so we need to be producing as much while we can- but I have been learning not to take heed of those voices and to truly listen to myself. Once I felt I let go of that pressure I had been putting on myself, this song came to me, the melody, lyrics and production all came flowing to me…” – Jozem.

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