Stefy De Cicco x RED5 team up for nostalgic new single – ‘Feels Like Home’

Making a triumphant return Stefy De Cicco is back with newest track via Universal Germany, the nostalgia inducing ‘Feels Like Home’. Just a couple of months after releasing huge track ‘Fences’ with Wasback and Sam Tinnesz, this next single is a take on one of the biggest 90’s dance tunes ‘I Love You Stop’ by RED5. Rumour has it, that after listening to Stefy’s rendition, RED5 aka Thomas Kukula jumped back on the track alongside Charlotte Boss, Kraans de Lutin and Wim Treuner.

DJ RED5 really says it all with: “I LOVE YOU STOP” was one of my biggest hits and so in general I’m always picky with remixes or brand new versions , but the mix of Slap House and the original melody of the drop is perfect. The top line that has been added is so beautiful that it brings a brand new life to my dance classic.”

“It is one of my favourite dance tracks ever and it’s such an honour for me to make a brand new version. Working with Thomas on one of his biggest hits was absolutely great.”

– Stefy De Cicco

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