Chatterbox: Bosola chat influences, first live gigs back and zoom moderation

Thanks for taking the time to talk to us today. Could you tell us something about yourself that nobody knows?

Thank you for having me! Ooo good question. Well band wise I guess it’s that we are just about to go back into the studio to record a new EP to follow up from the one we are about to release. We also have a full band line up now, with me (Tim) doing guitars and singing, Pete on Bass guitars and Emma on Drums.

What influences have gone into your sound recently?

I guess we’ve been working out our sound as a band in the last month. I take my influences from guitarists such as Johnny Marr, Kevin Shields, Lee Mavers and James Dean Bradfield. I also really love more folky song writers such as Johnny Flynn, Nick Drake and Adrianne Lenker underpin my songwriting style so you get this mix of folk sensibilities with an alt rock sound. Pete is into metal and prog rock and Emma is into punk and hard rock so we’ve got influences from across the alt rock spectrum.

Recently we’ve been tapping into a rockabilly/surf rock sound with some of our new songs – think Beach Boys, Surfer Blood and Buddy Holly.

What are you currently working on?

We are working on our set list for our first gig as a band and the songs for our next EP with James Haselhurst at Grain Studios.

What are your plans the year ahead?

We are looking forward to playing live again. We have two gigs booked in Newcastle venue Bobiks. On July 16th we are supporting Newcastle band Cat Ryan and on December 17th we are supporting Buffet Lunch. Can’t wait.

Any top tips for getting through this difficult time?

Use Zoom in moderation. Set yourself some goals. Never trust the Tories. Support your local scene.

Listen to Bosola’s new single below:

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