Veldor returns with poignant track ‘Bat Shit Crazy’

Opening his new single ‘Bat Shit Crazy’ in that distinct Queens, New York, tone, Veldor rhythmically sings, “I’ve lost so many friends, many them drifted to the other side, I’ve cried so many tears, listened to my mother say it’s part of life.” He goes on to share his experience of watching close friends chase after quick fixes and the fleeting high that “makes them feel alive”, while the true irony is that all it does is distract them from living a full and happy life.

It’s certainly not the most expected topic you’d hear on this minimalist pop cut from the Billboard charted producer, yet he uses these upbeat, catchy hooks to have his message heard. Maybe, it might be heard by one of those live-fast individuals.

“‘Bat Shit Crazy’ is a song that reflects on our youth and the friends that we make along our journey of life. Some friends “Drift to the Other Side” by getting mixed up with the wrong crowd, and getting involved with drugs and alcohol – and some have suffered from mental illness, and the resulting suicide – while others have ended up in jail leading a life of crime. Veldor states in his lyrics that all he wanted to do was “save them”. The song really highlights the sad reality that life isn’t fair and sometimes people just get dealt a bad hand at no fault of their own. Veldor believes that we are all here for a reason, and if his song can help just one person reflect on their life, and think about someone they have lost, and honor their memory – then his song has true meaning and value.” – Veldor

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