Steerner returns with upbeat dance number ‘Shadow Side’

Swedish producer Steerner has returned with a brand new single, the light, bright and bouncy ‘Shadow Side’. Oozing with energy and layered with guitar right from the get go, it’s dusted off with an infectious and highly effective hook. Following on from previous release ‘I wouldn’t Lie’, Steerner sits comfortably on a discography of over 100 million combined streams.

A simple, feel good-track from start to finish, ‘Shadow Side’ is filled with bright melodies and provides us with the perfect late summer anthem we didn’t know we needed.

The brighter the light, the darker the shadow. ‘Shadow Side’ is a love song about diving deep at the risk of drowning. It could be for a person, a lifestyle or a passion. On another level, ‘Shadow Side’ is also about the intoxicating thrill of flirting with danger and darkness.” Steerner


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